The theme of the meeting

 “When all fail and you have questions late at night, early in the morning and during the day, visit the team website ( Email or call the coaches if more information is need. Like I said to one parent, there are no dumb questions, just dump people who don’t ask questions.”



1.      Everyone needs to make it all practices.

2.      Warm up as a team at practice and meets

3.      Captains need to lead warm ups

4.      Sweats, running shoes, gloves and hats needed – this is winter track and field.

5.      Work hard at practices and production will come at the meets.

Meet preparation

1.      Competition shoes or spikes need – preferably with rubber soles.

2.      Please verify you have the correct uniform and the warm ups are clean.

3.      It doesn’t hurt to look good when going to battle.

4.      Be prepare to compete, checking website for your event.

5.      Get plenty of rest, eat well and establish your goals for the meets.


1.      Majority of the members had two meets before District

2.      Know your position for District by reading the guidelines and rankings on the website ( - on the front page.

3.      Relay teams – everyone is eligible to compete therefore be prepare to do as such.

4.      Know the meet schedule, be respectful of your teammates and coaches and give advance notice when you’re going to be absent from the meets.

5.      Know the meet schedule, its posted on the website ( and warming up according. The coaches should not be standing over you to tell you when to warm up. Captains, need to take a more active role in leading and preparing the team in warming up for their event.

6.      Challenge yours at the meets and at practices.

7.      The only way to test your progress and level of fitness is to attend and compete at the meets

8.      Everyone is to support your teammates at the meet, remember the field event athletes need your support also. Know where the shot put, high jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault area are located.

9.      No one will be allowed to leave the meets early unless it is deem necessary, cleared by the activities office in advance or its an emergency. It not fair for teammates to support you while competing. You should return the same respect and support.

10.  No athlete will be allowed to drive to the meets.

11.  Sportsmanship and respect of competitors, teammates, coaches and officials are expected without exceptions.

12.  Our motto and slogans is “Statesmen Pride”, go beyond, show Statesmen pride and power, dominate with respect and celebrate with pride.

13.  We’ve come a long way since I’ve started coaching, we earned the respect around the regional. Respect is wonderful, now we want the title to go with the respect, we wanted our performances to turn heads, we want to our parents to show up at the meets to help with timing and field event assistance.


1.      Let me know whether you want a formal or business casual award ceremony?

2.      Anyone know someone in the catering business?

3.      Any parent out there who would like to form a committee, contact Coach Wong

4.      Possible date – Wednesday, February 16th 2006. Why so early? Spring sports start Feb. 20th.  Too many kids miss the awards because of tryouts.

5.      Lettering – check the policy on the website (

6.      T-shirt – how much you willing to pay? The cost will be between $7 to $12. Let me know if you’re interested.