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Prelim Entries for March 27th Home meet - Email your changes by Tuesday, March 26th (Updated 3/22 @ 11:44PM)

Weekly Spring Track and Field Message

(Post 3/22nd @ 11:30PM)

Good Day, Spring Track and field Team.

We also need your help with the home meet next week – Wed. March 27th – See the sign up below – code is 7731. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0A4DABAE23A57-parent7

We need everyone to sign up for a shift for the Mulch Sales on Friday, April 5th starting at 5PM. I will sign up all athletes competing that weekend for a shift with Boosters on Sunday, April 7th.  See sign up below. Passcode is 7731. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0A4DABAE23A57-boosters6

  1. The third meet of the season is Wednesday, March 27th at Home (Senior Night).  Everyone will be competing at this meet – however, you still need to attend practice this week and complete the sign up online if you cannot make the meet.   The entries are posted on the website - Please let me now if you cannot make the meet or if you are missing form an event.  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ZDMD0sPeHEqXcj9BynxLdYbkp3rPS51CuAVbiUsP_4FUQlhHWTVOMERKNEs0REs2N08xVDkwMVM1US4u

    1. Remember is your responsibility to sign in for practice. 

    2. The sign in sheet is by class/grade


  2. Senior Night Info

    1. I need all parents and athletes to meet us at the middle of the field by 4:15PM

    2. Please complete this form send you via email by Tuesday, March 26th

    3. We have 44 seniors – this spring


  3. Monday, March 25th practice schedule

  • Regular Practice at 3:15PM

  • Night Sprint practice @ 7:00PM

  • Throwers – make sure you join Coach Portillos Remind group

    • Please cover up the shot put area on Monday evening with the tarps – it is suppose to rain on Tuesday. If, the shot put area is too soft – we will not be allow to compete on Wednesday.


  1. Tuesday, March 26th  – regular practice at 3:15PM


  2. Wednesday, March 27th – Mega Meet B @ Home (Marshall HS)

  • See the Meet B events on www.gcmtrackandfield.com in the schedule page (except the 300m and 100m/110m hurdles are switch from 20th to the 27th.

  • All athletes need to be down at the track at 3:15PM. Help setup the track and field for the meet.  We will be taking attendance check in like for did for the bus. You will need to check out at the end of the meet.  This our home meet – everyone is expected to stay the whole meet – no exception – you will not be allowed to compete at the next two meets if you leave early without approval by Coach Wong only.

  • Just like last meet - Our Coaches will be issuing hip numbers for the running events – no need to go to the check in table.

    • Once you have your hip number - Please just show up to the start area for your race.

    • Hip number will have your heat and lane assigned

    • Do not put on hip number until you’re reach to race

    • Please tuck in your shirt and put the number on your left hip – not the front of your pants.  The camera needs to read your number.

  • Anyone who did not pick up their uniforms purchased or borrowed can pick them up after setting up. The rest of the spirit pack should be here before the meet – so it will hand out to you after setting up for the meet.


  1. Thursday, March 28th

  • Regular practices @ 3:15PM

  • Night Sprint Practice @ 7:00PM


  1. Friday, March 29th   – No practices


  2. Saturday, March 30th – First Invitational – Carolyn Legard Relays @Woodson High School

  • Bus leaves at @7:15AM – this meet will end at 5:30PM

    • We will gone all day for athletes/parents new to the team

  • Address for the meet – 9525 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031

  • There are few open events – mainly we will be running relays.

  • Entries are due on the 27th

  • Selection is based on performances at the first 3 meets

  • I will post the athletes attending on Thursday.

  • Any parents who are driving to the meet – please email.

  • Please remember – if you are driving – I need to know by Thursday evening

  • Everyone need to be check in on to the bus, driving athletes need to check in at the meet

  • Everyone needs to check out before leaving the meet and before the buses leave.


  1. Please email me with any questions, comments or suggestions.


  2. Reminders:


    1. All Future Team messages will be posted on the website – www.gcmtrackandfield.com

    2. Please join  https://www.remind.com/join/gcmt   to receive text message alerts

    3. follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/gcmtrack


      Clifford C. Wong

      Head Track and Field Coach
      George C. Marshall HS
      Ph: 301-793-2900

      Email: headcoachwong@yahoo.com

      Site: www.gcmtrackandfield.com


Indoor State Championship

Team 18 - 19

Girl's TeamBoy's Team
Bardach, Natalie M (19)Hughes, Tanner M (19)
Women  4x800m Relay AMen  4x400m Relay A
Women  1600m Run Kennedy, Sanchir T (19)
Women  1000m Run Men  4x800m Relay A
Berliner, Isabella A (19)Men  500m Dash 
Women  4x200m Relay AMen  4x400m Relay A
Bir, Grace E (20)Lagendyk, Marco A (21)
Women  500m Dash Men  4x800m Relay A
Women  300m Dash Malave, Sebastian N (21)
Women  4x400m Relay AMen  4x800m Relay A
Epstein, Elizabeth (21)Men  1000m Run 
Women  4x800m Relay AMen  4x400m Relay A
Women  500m Dash Sarnovsky, Adam (21)
Women  4x400m Relay AMen  4x800m Relay A
Hamilton, Khristen A (19)Men  4x400m Relay A
Women  4x200m Relay ASchlier, Eric C (19)
Women  4x400m Relay AMen  4x400m Relay A
Hughes, Rylie B (22)Smith, Benjamin S (19)
Women  4x200m Relay AMen  4x800m Relay A
Women  4x400m Relay AMen  1600m Run 
Jones-Suggs, Makayla R (21)Smith, Patrick A (21)
Women  4x200m Relay AMen  4x800m Relay A
Lee, Anabelle R (19)Tryon, Wilson W (20)
Women  4x200m Relay AMen  4x400m Relay A
Women  4x400m Relay A
Lee, Claire J (21)
Women  4x800m Relay A
Women  4x400m Relay A
Orozco, Nina S (19)
Women  4x800m Relay A
Women  4x200m Relay A
Smith, Lena G (20)
Women  4x800m Relay A
Smith, Sydney M (20)
Women  4x800m Relay A
Stuart, Delaney E (19)
Women   Shot Put 
Sullivan, Caroline A (21)
Women  4x800m Relay A
Tarutani, Avery L (22)
Women  4x200m Relay A
Women  4x400m Relay A
Tedesco, Sophie E (20)
Women  4x800m Relay A
Women  1600m Run 
Women  3200m Run 
Blackwell, William (20)
Men  4x800m Relay A










Coaches Click on the picture to enter the meet.





Junior Natalie Bardach with a great run to take 6th and All-State honors in the girl's 1600m run. Well done.









6A Regional Spring Champs Team

Bardach, Natalie MF19
Berliner, Isabella AF19
Bir, Grace EF20
Blackwell, WilliamM20
Broadbent, Jeffrey KM20
Burke, Kyle TM19
Church, Oliver FM18
Dabich, Benjamin CM20
Dirkse, Michelle GF18
DonTigny, Emilie TF21
Gillmore, Austin RM18
Guliyeva, TurbatF19
Hamilton, Khristen AF19
Hernandez Jimenez, Wanderley IM19
Holt, AshleyF18
Holt, HeatherF18
Hughes, Tanner MM19
Johnson, Simien DF19
Jones-Suggs, Makayla RF21
Kennedy, Sanchir TM19
Kennedy, Tatiana AF18
Lagendyk, Marco AM21
Lee, Anabelle RF19
Lewis, Noelle ZF20
Luo, JiahaoM18
Malave, Sebastian NM21
Nayfeh, OmarM21
Nininger, Colin DM19
Oluwehinmi, Arola FF21
Quin, Connor NM18
Robinson, Katherine GF21
Schlechty, Abigail RF19
Sheth, Keya AF20
Smith, Benjamin SM19
Stuart, Delaney EF19
Sullivan, Caroline AF21
Tedesco, Sophie EF20
Tryon, Wilson WM20
Walcott, Jr., AlvinM18
Wan, AnnalieseF19


6A State Indoor/Winter Championship Team

Berliner, Isabella A (19)

Blackwell, William (20)

Church, Oliver F (18)

Dirkse, Michelle G (18)

Hamilton, Khristen A (19)

Jones-Suggs, Makayla R (21)

Kennedy, Sanchir T (19)

Lee, Anabelle R (19)

Malave, Sebastian N (21)

Miller, Rachel L (18)

Orozco, Nina S (19)

Quin, Connor N (18)

Smith, Benjamin S (19)

Tedesco, Sophie E (20)

Senior Michelle Dirkse
6A Regional D
55mH Champion




For the second straight year, Marshall’s Heather Holt qualified for the Foot Locker National Cross Country Championships in San Diego with top 10 finishes at region meets.


Sprinters 150m Time Trials
*Nov. 13th, 2017
*Athletes in color qualified to train during the Night
*Starting after Thanksgiving - details will be emailed.

Berliner, Isabella AF1921.58
Lewis, Noelle ZF2021.78
Leonard, Sydney JF2021.99
Lee, Claire JF2122.27
Rickels, Fiona JF1822.46
Stevenson, Keanna MF1823.08
Reback, Grace MF1923.21
Scheinman, Audra FF1823.30
Burke, Avery MF2023.49
Amaya, JacquelineF2123.74
Ellis, Olivia MF1924.02
Ozden, NurayF2024.46
Al-Barazanchi, Maryam AF1924.55
Tadlock, Sarah MF1924.80
Weeks, Mary AF2024.89
Young, Katie JF1925.10
Garg, EshekaF2025.88
Shirolkar, Neha GF2026.55
Elbackush, HadeelF2026.86
Reskusic, ArijanaF2026.89
Makaran, Anisa MF2027.42
Pullarkat, Rejana RF1929.02
Sohrabi, Lilia HF2031.55
Gracia, JasonM1817.96
Flores, Julian AM1918.76
Russell, Kyle TM1919.02
Bir, Gabriel MM1919.54
Trodden, John RM2019.60
Sarnovsky, AdamM2119.71
Walcott, Jr., AlvinM1819.86
Salazar, Juan DM2019.89
Salem, SolimanM1820.14
Ferramondo, MatteoM1820.17
Porjosh, Edrees MM2120.17
Regan, Thomas HM2120.17
Nayfeh, OmarM2120.17
Soufi, Karanm 20.32
Ali, Zakariya BM1920.36
Holder, Aaron MM1920.55
McNabb, GavinM2020.55
Qureshi, Aamir ZM2120.64
McClarnon, MatthewM 20.70
Ferramondo, Federiro HM2120.74
Leonard, Talon WM2020.99
Alghanim, KhalidM1921.17
Bhagat, SovenM2021.39
Delavega, CaseyM2021.42
Elbackush, AbdallaM1921.67
Mohd, AirmanM2121.77
Ferramondo, Alessandro JM2021.83
Lopez-Choquez, Eliusm 22.50
Melchiorre, Alejandro SM2122.83
Watts, Liam BM2023.05
Walter, MatthewM 23.89
Khartami, WaleedM2124.17
Palm, BrockM 24.83
Somasundaram, VishalM2124.99
Gurdak, Josh MM2125.67
Rickels, Devin PM2126.37
Lee, Andrew SM2126.99
Deaver, Benjamin CM1927.39
Forney, Gavin WM2128.24
Khani, Sam KM2129.86





















2016 - 2017
Winter Track & Field

Junior Heather Holt will be competing at the Footlocker Cross-Country National Championship this Saturday, Dec. 10th in San Diego, CA. Good luck, we are proud of you. Here is the link to catch her race live - http://footlockercc.com/nationals.shtml  at 9:15AM (PST) or 12:15PM our time.

November 2016 Winter Family Fun Runner Winners


Click for Complete Results from the event on the Results/News Page


To view results and pictures and news from the last seasons please go to our Archives Page


Girl’s Capitol Conference 13 Team Winter 2015 - 2016 Champions


LEAVE A LEGACY  - my favorite part of video - get the message - Leave a legacy - it cannot be changed. Time can go by - others might come whose better than you but if you make history and leave it on the track - nothing will or can ever change the record for 2015 - 2016 Season.





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