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Uniform - Debt List - Collection Day - Wednesday May 27th @ 3:15pm - Main Gym
The following names were turned into the acitivites Office. We will be collecting uniforms tomorrow, Wednesday May 27th, 2009 @ 3:15pm.
If, you can't make it - please turn your uniform into the activities office with your name in the bag (its the only way to tell who turn their uniforms into us).
Seniors will not be allowed to graduate and underclassmen will not recieve their awards on June 4th, @ 6:30PM or be allowed to take part in sports next season or be issued their schedules for class next year without paying off their debts.
If, you know somone on this list - please let them know there is a bounty out for them.
Bringing your uniforms on the Awards Night is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
Name Gender Group Year Returned Debt
Ahmed, Zuhayr N M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Allen, Brandon W F S09/DS 12   $100.00
Anderson, Aaron D M S09/SPR 09   $100.00
Barnes, Geoffrey M S09/SPR 09   $100.00
Barrett, Sean T M S09/DS 12   $100.00
Barrett, Thomas J M S09/DS 10   $100.00
Becker, Madeline C F S09/SPR 10   $100.00
Bellegarde, Lauren R F S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Borda, Jared R M S09/THR 11   $100.00
Brown, Nicole A F S09/SPR 09   $100.00
Burin, Michael C M S09/DS 10   $100.00
Carter, Lisa R F S09/DS 10   $100.00
Cerqueira, Michael R M S09/THR 11   $100.00
Cieplak, Philip M S09/SPR 11   $100.00
Dinan, Conor P M S09/DS 11   $100.00
Dinh, Thien Q M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Dunlap, Jason F M S09/DS 11   $100.00
Dziedzic, David F M S09/SPR 11   $100.00
Fisher, Kenton A M S09/SPR 09   $100.00
Franco, Christopher A M S09/DS 12   $100.00
Gerner, Joseph A M S09/DS 11   $100.00
Gracia, Jonathan M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Hagopian, Samuel D M S09/DS 09   $50.00
Hassan, Mana O F S09/DS 12   $100.00
Herbolsheimer, Courtney C F S09/DS 11   $100.00
Jeong, Joeheon M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Kibler, Brandon A M S09/THR 10   $100.00
Klena, Patrick L M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Laszakovits, Juliana R F S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Leung, Kam H M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Maik, Tereza F S09/DS 11   $100.00
Markuszewski, Michael A M S09/SPR 11   $100.00
Merrilees, Nicole A F S09/DS 09   $100.00
Mirzaiee, Antonio G M S09/THR 10   $100.00
Mosavian, Ardalan M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Nishath, Thamanna F S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Norton, Alexander J M S09/DS 11   $100.00
Qian, Andrew E M S09/SPR 10   $100.00
Quiroz, Everlyn F S09/SPR 11   $100.00
Rangel-Lafuente, Roger M S09/DS 09   $100.00
Raymond, Robert A M S09/THR 11   $100.00
Rennert, Jordon B M S09/SPR 10   $100.00
Rooney, Lucas J M S09/DS 09   $100.00
Scavuzzo, Domenic A M S09/DS 11   $100.00
Tortella, John H M S09/THR 11   $100.00
Tran, Minh H M S09/SPR 12   $100.00
Tran, Thuan M S09/THR 11   $100.00
Xiang, Dian F S09/SPR 11   $100.00
Yu, I-Jen F S09/DS 12   $100.00

Zirkle, Daniel J

M S09/DS 09   $100.00

To:       Parents and Guardians of Spring GCM Athletes

Re:      Spring Sports Awards Potluck Banquet: Thursday, June 4th at 6:30PM



On the evening of June 4th the George C. Marshall High School community will celebrate the efforts of our spring sport student athletes and coaches.  After several months of hard work in practices and events, we will have a chance to have a meal together and express our appreciation.


It has been decided this year to go back to our traditional format for the end of season awards.  The plan is to begin in the cafeteria with all of our athletes and enjoy a pot luck dinner as our coaches say a few words about their seasons.  This will give us a chance as a community to socialize as one large group of spring athletes, parents and coaches.  We will begin the meal setup at 5:30PM and start dining at 6:30PM.  At roughly 7:45PM, teams will break off into individual locations for their team award ceremonies. Having a potluck, it is important that we divide the items to endure that we have everything covered for the evening.  We are asking each family to bring an item to support their sport program from the list below  

These programs will be responsible for the following:


Men and Women Soccer and Lacrosse, Baseball, Outdoor Track: Main and side dishes

Boosters: paper plates, cups, eating utensils, and napkins.

Softball , Men and Women Tennis : Desserts, breads, salads and dressings.

Activities Office/Boosters: Drinks (sodas/water).


*We will ask that before heading to our individual sport ceremonies, that the cafeteria tables be cleared and unfinished food items retrieved.



5:30-6:30PM   Set the cafeteria

6:30PM                       The Potluck dinner begins, the spring slide show plays.

7:00PM           I will begin the ceremony, Mr. Pearson will present certificates to the individual with the highest GPA by team, each Head Varsity Coach will speak 2-3 minutes on his/her season and presenting their Varsity Most Outstanding Award, Booster President will provide Booster Service Awards.

**Continue to eat.

7:45ishPM Award Breakout Session:  Girl’s Lacrosse (1/2 cafeteria near the auditorium), Boy’s Lacrosse (1/2 cafeteria near the Main Gym), Outdoor Track (Main Gym/aux. side), Men’s Soccer (Main Gym/coaches office side) Women’s Soccer Library, Baseball (Michael Hall), Men’s tennis (rm. 105), Women’s Tennis (room 136-Chef’s rm.), Softball (aux. gym). 



We have over 200 student athletes participate this spring and we look forward to seeing them along with their family members for this festive community event.  If you have any questions, please call the Activities Office at 703-714-5409.


Thank you,

Joseph D. Swarm, Interim DSA

George C. Marshall High School

Link to Heritage High School 520 Evergreen Mills Road SE Leesburg, Virginia 20175


Madison have cancelled
the meet for today (04/15/09) - The make up date is May 6th, 2009



Updated 3:24pm -

April 6nd, 2009 by Coach Wong.


Deadline is March, 31st, 2009.

2009 Track and Field Spirit Pack Items

2009 Spirit Pack Order Form

(save first to your computer and then fill out form)


PROCEDURES FOR Episcopal high School Track Meets

Winter Track and Field
Spirit Pack Information

2008 - 2009 Winter Track & Field Sprit Pack Order Form

Picture of Spirit Pack items


Parent Help @ Dec. 1st
Track meet - URGENT!!!!
Parents, we need your help at our first meet. We need help with
timing and assisting with Shot put.

The meet start @ 5:30PM @ Thomas Jefferson Middle School in
Arlington, VA.

Please sign up by email me or replying to the meet. We need you to
sign up early to rec'd your comp ticket to the meet.

Also, I've included the rest of the season. Please feel free to sign
up for future meet too.
Friday, December 05, 2008
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Arlington, VA
Start @ 5:30PM
Boy's Shot Put
Saturday, December 13, 2008
Episcopal high School
Alexandria, VA
Start @ 7:15AM
Girl's Shot Put
Boy's Shot Put
Saturday, January 10, 2009
Episcopal high School
Alexandria, VA
Start @ 7:15AM
Girl's High Jump
Boy's High Jump
Saturday, January 17, 2009
Episcopal high School
Alexandria, VA
Start @ 7:15AM
Girl's Shot Put
Boy's Shot Put

2008 - 2009 Winter Track and field Information Package

Competition Spikes
All athletes need to have their competition spikes at practice for the rest of the season.
Please use the track bag and equipment provided to ensure you are prepare for practice.

Parent Sign Up
Meet Assistance
Please pick from the selecton below for the jobs you would like assist us with at the meet.
We need at least three timers per meet and at least three parents per event.
Please contact me with any questions.
thanks in advance,

Thomas Jefferson Middle School Directions

Thomas Jefferson Middle School - Notes to Coaches, Athletes & Parents

Episcopal High Indoor Meet Procedures for Athletes, Coaches & Parents

Episcopal High School Meets Directions

Top Mark as of 01/20/07

Laps Ran for the Run-A-Ton

Emergency Care Card

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Your Student Name


Title:   WTW vs FC GCM TCW
Date:   Saturday January 13, 2007
Time:   7:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location:   Episcopal HS
Notes:   We need three timers & two parents to help with scoring the meet.
Parents volunteers please collect complementary tickets from Coach Wong prior to meet date. Gate ticket price is $5.00.
The book leaves at 6:10AM from the tennis courts. Spectator Parking – Spectators should use the lower parking lot (right side) of Minnie Howard 9th Grade Center. Minnie Howard is located at 3801 West Braddock Rd which is across the street from the Episcopal HS entrance. PARKING ON THE EPISCOPAL CAMPUS IS NOT PERMITTED. Field House – opens at 6:30 AM. Athletes and coaches are not permitted in other buildings.

Saturday's Track and Field Meet Entries.

Quad Meet Entries

Top as of Jan. 12th, 2007

Saturday's Track and Field Meet Entries.

Jan. 7th, 2007 Southern Maryland Mega Meet Entries

GCM T&F Alert!!!!!!!!!!!    
New Track and Field Meet Added

Southern Track and field Mega Meet was added to fill the open date on our schedule for Saturday, Jan. 6th, 2006.
Please let me know if there are any committment conflicts - ASAP.

F.I.T Invitational & Practice
Friday, Dec. 29th, 2006
Bus will be leaving @ 7AM from the Tennis courts
Jumpers have practice has been moved to Wednesday, Dec. 27th - 2006 @ 1:30PM - Please contact Coach Robinson with any questions - 703-509-3155.
Throwers have practice on Wednesday morning - (I will post the time later)
Sprinters, hurdlers  & Relays (bring spikes) & Distance Runners will practice @ 3PM on Wednesday.
Please contact Coach Wong with any questions.


Winter Track and Field Top Mark as of 12/15/06

Final Call for
email me your
forms by
Dec. 21st, 2006

Click to download excel order sheet. Please contact Coach Wong with any questions.

GCM T&F Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -  
New Track and Field Practice Time

Starting Monday, Dec. 11th, 2006 - practice will start @ 2:45 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for everyone.
Practices on Tuesdays & Thursdays will still be @ 3PM.
Throwers are required to be in the weight room or stretch with the runners.
All runners will meet and be ready to start warmups by the main gym @ 2:45PM.
Parents and athletes, please let me know if you will be missing the FIT Invitational on Friday, Dec. 29th, 2006.  Please let me know by Wed. Dec. 13th because space is limited - "Maybe" mean NO.
Coach Wong

Booster Christmas Tree

Track and field

Assignment Posted

Click on link below

2016 - 2017 Winter



Saturday, November 25th, 2006
Track and Field
Booster Christmas Tree Sale
Please make sure you
sign the book at the
booster tent to rec'd
credit for working


Gender Shift
Badakhsh, Maryam F F 10AM to 1PM
Cappiello, Tara A F 10AM to 1PM
Golden, Allyse N F 10AM to 1PM
Gustavsen, Ann-Elise F 10AM to 1PM
Heo, Yaerin F 10AM to 1PM
Johnson, Brittany F 10AM to 1PM
Mandell, Arielle R F 10AM to 1PM
Namdol, Tenzin F 10AM to 1PM
Schiller, Jamie V F 10AM to 1PM
Ahadzada, Zamir M 10AM to 1PM
Born, Michael L M 10AM to 1PM
Chorachaturaphak, Akkarin M 10AM to 1PM
Cvrk, Alex M 10AM to 1PM
Dungan, Steven R M 10AM to 1PM
Haugh, William A M 10AM to 1PM
Kumar, Siddnarth M 10AM to 1PM
Molfino, Tomas I M 10AM to 1PM
Olazo Nostades, Oscar E M 10AM to 1PM
Peterman, John M 10AM to 1PM
Raymer, John A M 10AM to 1PM
Rennert, Joshou A M 10AM to 1PM
Rooney, Lucas J M 10AM to 1PM
Sullivan, William L M 10AM to 1PM
Umek, Liam J M 10AM to 1PM
Witherow, Stephen C M 10AM to 1PM
Zaslavskiy, Dmitriy B M 10AM to 1PM
Gehley, Eliot M 10AM to 1PM
Byrne, Lauren A F 1PM to 4PM
Carter, Lisa R F 1PM to 4PM
Courtner, Crystal E F 1PM to 4PM
Dennison, Chandler M F 1PM to 4PM
Haji Yasin, Nadia S F 1PM to 4PM
Heffelmire, Katherine Y F 1PM to 4PM
Hernandez, Roxana A F 1PM to 4PM
Khandpur, Tanya F 1PM to 4PM
Moonan, Emily K F 1PM to 4PM
Officer-Platt, Christina F 1PM to 4PM
Rangel-Lafuente, Gabriela B F 1PM to 4PM
Ripley, Sameera F 1PM to 4PM
Toole, Breslin T F 1PM to 4PM
Verbusaitiene, Gryte F 1PM to 4PM
Ahadzada, Zemar M 1PM to 4PM
Bainbridge, William W M 1PM to 4PM
Farhood, Daniel T M 1PM to 4PM
Gollogly, Kevin J M 1PM to 4PM
Lee, Keunsoo M 1PM to 4PM
McCullen, Brandon M M 1PM to 4PM
Orainan, Faisal W M 1PM to 4PM
Regets, Matthew A M 1PM to 4PM
Saures, Alexander M M 1PM to 4PM
Stripe, Matthew J M 1PM to 4PM
Yazman, Benjamin E M 1PM to 4PM
Zettler, John L M 1PM to 4PM
Phoenix, Everett M 1PM to 4PM
Alexander, Jacqueline F 4PM to 7PM
Crider, Kelly A F 4PM to 7PM
Gieseler, Caroline S F 4PM to 7PM
Gurney, Savanna R F 4PM to 7PM
Hargrove, Jacqueline G F 4PM to 7PM
Kim, Hanju F 4PM to 7PM
McVey, Shannon E F 4PM to 7PM
Ojumu, Oluyemisi O F 4PM to 7PM
Schanes, Antoinette M F 4PM to 7PM
Zirkle, Kelly F 4PM to 7PM
Barrett, Thomas J M 4PM to 7PM
Cappiello, Jason P M 4PM to 7PM
Cheng, Lance C M 4PM to 7PM
Desai, Tarun M 4PM to 7PM
Henning, Keith C M 4PM to 7PM
Hoffman, Scott P M 4PM to 7PM
Liu, Yanwei J M 4PM to 7PM
Muise, Matthew A M 4PM to 7PM
Pennington, Jason M 4PM to 7PM
Rangel-Lafuente, Roger M 4PM to 7PM
Rennert, Jordon B M 4PM to 7PM
Roddy, Patrick C M 4PM to 7PM
Sullivan, Patrick G M 4PM to 7PM
Tran, Trung Q M 4PM to 7PM
Walsh, Patrick C M 4PM to 7PM
Yazman, Joshua A M 4PM to 7PM

George C. Marshall HS

Winter Track & Field



Date: Nov. 24th, 2006

Time: 12:00PM

Place: Track Stadium


What is our goal?

This year we would like to raise $1,300.00.   This money will be used to help pay for our invitational meet entry fees, spirit pack and uniforms to high level competition. We are encouraging our families and friends to come and watch and support the kids.


How can you support?


will be sending home a sheet for the kids to get pledges. People can make a donation per lap or a one time donation.  Please make all checks out to the GCM Booster Club and remember these contributions are tax deductible.


Contact Coach Wong for more information



These forms belows needs to be completed
prior to practice on Nov. 13th, 2006

2006 - 2007 Winter Track and Field Packet

Athletic Physical Examination Form

Participation Policy

New Page Alert!!!!!!
Check out the "Announcement Page"

Click on the link for update team event schedule and information.

Monday - Nov. 13th

****First day of Winter Practice

****Team will meet in Room 143 @ 3PM


Tuesday - Nov. 14th

****Team will meet in Room 143 @ 3:00PM


Tuesday, Nov. 21st

****Meet the Coaches Night @ 6:30PM in Cafeteria

****Individual Sport Meet @ 7:00PM

****All parents of winter athletes are expected to attend.


Wednesday, Nov. 22nd

****Master Eligibility List Due to Mrs. Marshall

****No practice - School release 2-hours early


Thursday, Nov. 23rd

****No practice - Thanksgiving Day


Saturday, Nov. 25th

*****Parents & athletes work the Christmas Tree Sale

*****We need at least 8 team members. Sign up early.

*****Shifts - 10AM to 1PM, 1PM to 4PM, 4PM to 7PM


Monday, Nov. 27th

*****Uniforms will be given out. I strongly recommend you be there or you probably will not get a pair.

*****Last day to pick up a picture package information


Tuesday, Nov. 28th

*****Picture day - Track and Field @ 4:45PM


Saturday, Dec. 2nd

*****First meet of the season.

*****We need at least 3 timers and 3 workers to assist with field events.

*****Bus will leave from the Tennis Court @ 6:15AM

*****No spikes allowed


Friday, Dec. 8th

*****Athlete's Winter schedule due to Coach Wong


Friday, Dec. 9th

*****Track and field Meet @ George Mason

*****Bus will leave from Tennis Court @ 7:00AM

*****Team will be announced

*****Spikes allowed – please inform coach if spikes are needed


Friday, Dec. 15th

****Track and field meet @ Thomas Jefferson Middle School

****We'll need at least 3 timers and 3 people to assist with field events & scoring

*****Meet starts @ 5:30PM. Workers should be there @ 5PM

*****No spikes allowed

*****Buses will leave from Tennis Court @ 3:15PM


Friday, Dec. 29th

*****FIT Invitational in Landover, Maryland

*****Bus will leave @ 7:00AM from Tennis Court

*****Spikes allowed – please inform coach if spikes are needed


Saturday, Jan. 13th

*****Split squad meet.

*****Montgomery Invitational in Landover, Maryland

*****Four way meet @ EHS in Alexandria, VA

*****Team will be announced

*****We need 3 timers and 3 workers to assist with field event

*****Bus will leave @ 6:15AM for Alexandria

*****Bus will leave @ 7:00AM for Landover.

*****Spiked allowed @ Landover, MD only


Wednesday, Jan. 17th

******Forms are due for overnight trip


Friday, Jan. 19th

*****team will be leaving for overnight meet

*****Time to be announced

*****Team to be announced


Friday, Jan. 26th

****Track and field meet @ Thomas Jefferson Middle School

****We'll need at least 3 timers and 3 people to assist with field events & scoring

*****Meet starts @ 5:30PM. Workers should be there @ 5PM

*****No spikes allowed

*****Buses will leave from Tennis Court @ 3:15PM


Monday, Jan. 29th

*****District team will be announced.


Wednesday, Jan. 31st

*****Uniform is due for all athletes not competing at District @ 2:45PM

*****If uniform not returned – Debit Cart will be submitted.


Thursday, Feb. 1st

******District Championship Trials

******55m dash, 55m hurdles, 300m, W-SP, M-SP, W-HJ, W-LJ, M-LJ, 4x8, slow sections of 1000m, 1600m, 3200m run.

*****The bus will be leaving @ 3:15PM

*****Please remember to keep your numbers for the 2nd day of the championship.

 *****Spikes are allowed


Thursday, Feb. 8th

******District Championship Finals

******Finals for all events

*****The bus will be leaving @ 3:15PM

*****Please remember to use your numbers from the 1st day of the championship.

*****Spikes are allowed

*****Top 6 in each event and top 3 relays make it to Regional


Wednesday, Feb. 14th

*****Uniform is due for all athletes not competing at Regional @ 2:45PM

*****If uniform not returned – Debit Cart will be submitted.

*****Awards will be given out if uniform is not returned


Wednesday, Feb. 21st

*****Winter Sports Awards Dinner

*****7:00PM @ TBA

*****Pot Luck – the more food the better


Saturday, Feb. 24th

*****Northern Regional Championship @ GMU

*****Bus will be leaving @ 7:00AM

*****Spikes allowed


Monday, Feb. 26th

*****Uniform is due for all athletes not competing at Regional @ 2:45PM

*****If uniform not returned – Debit Cart will be submitted.


Friday, March 2nd

*****State Championship Trials @ 4:30PM @ GMU


Saturday, Mar. 3rd

*****State Championship Finals @ 8:30AM @GMU


Saturday, Mar. 10th & 11th

*****National Championship @ Landover, Maryland



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